Wednesday, June 13, 2007

rendition exhibit part 1

the rendition exhibit opened last saturday. posting some of the artwork for those who couldn't make it.

the gallery before the exhibit opened.

title wall

lest rest in peace by panic


cab panels


kozem lsc


and then....

cache k4p shows how it went down in macarthur park recently.

luna made these wrestlers out of spray cans. one was called "el matajuguetes" and he was battling "el robaestilos". look it up.

kleer eos

kleer eos

eye did this

eye detail...

los beatles y el graffiti. eyer.

patrick martinez' "nightmare on 6th street" detail. fresh-ass painting!!!

asylm installation

asylm's painting of nuestro comandante

sepukku harakiri by asylm

vyal coi

that's it for now. will try to post more soon. good times!
eyer | selective hearing


Swank said...

Hahaha... "and then.."

Panic Sky High said...


los said...

post some crowd shots!

Raul said...

How much were the Asylm paintings selling for?