Wednesday, September 5, 2007

sanborn hit!

a few weekends ago, the legendary sanborn yard got revived, if only for a brief 2 days. i hadn't set foot there since the "neighbors" of sunset junction politricked the city and the m.t.a. into shutting it down as a yard. they proceeded to turn it into a "community" garden that was kept locked. can't be letting the wrong kind of community folks into the "nice" gentrified spaces, right?


ware with ruet and unit. i jacked this photo by gabe the saint from unit's website

an eyer zapatista, flick also jacked from gabe the saint.

dcline and eye.

"lod" by size, mosh and vyal. characters by asylm and bash.

eyer | summer heat (fuck!!!!)


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Is the yard going to become active again? Or was this a one time thing?