Monday, April 14, 2008

SH | MAK | K4P in Downtown L.A.

This is a collaboration between Seeking Heaven, Modern Art Kids, and Kill For Pride at the future home of Bicycle Junkies in Downtown Los Angeles. Big props to Cache for organizing!

Roll call: Biser, Cache, Dsrup, Eyeone, Kozem, Mandoe, Modem, Neo, Noek, Panic, Precise, Size, and Toons.

A big "Yo!" to the homies that rolled by to kick it, including Bash, Skilow, Stag, Besk, Hugo, Wram, Owen, Siner, Aybon, Jimer, Art and everyone else my fume-censored memory can't recall right now. -Eyer | SH

1 comment:

vezun said...

man, that production is wild. the colors are crazy as hell. real fun.